• “My son loves your school Sadhana. I never knew he would love the Montessori method so much, everyday he learns something new.” – Veena


  • “Hilliard Montessori has changed my family’s life. For me, it’s not enough to send my children to a school with no learning and no structure. At Hilliard Montessori my son is having fun, while his brain is being stimulated all day long. My son is a much happier, more engaged little guy since starting the Montessori curriculum. I am so grateful for Sadhana (owner) and her staff for the pride they take in their work! Thanks Hilliard Montessori for all that you do.” – Brittany


  • “Ms. Sadhana treats the children as a mother would-with kindness,encouragement and discipline. She has also fostered my son’s love of jigsaw puzzles”. -Kayoko


  • “I have been very impressed with Hilliard Montessori. This was my first experience sending a child to preschool and I was a bit nervous as a first-time parent. My daughter loves her school and her teachers are like part of her family. She even asks to go on non-school days. I can already see a big difference in both her social skills and her excitement about learning. She was adopted at an older age from an orphanage, so she has some special needs and is still learning English. This Montessori school has been a perfect way for her to embrace learning at her own pace”. -Katy


  • “My son’s experience at Hilliard Montessori for three years has been one of the most fun-filled and memorable times for him. He has learned many new things each day under the guidance of great teachers and has also developed social skills and made good friends. During this time, not only for him, but also for us as parents, we could relax knowing that our son was in good hands and he was receiving all the care and attention he needed! This is why I recommend this school for parents who are looking for a safe and enjoyable environment in which their children will prosper!” -Sudha